Potwheelz as a Landscape Rock Mover!

Move large rocks with the Potwheelz hand truck!I am back in sunny Southern California with the Potwheelz. Attached is a picture of me using it in the expanded roll as a landscape rock mover. Since the rock is not as tall as a potted plant, I had to remove the back wheels to lean it back far enough to get the center of gravity of the rock over the main wheels. It is working great and I am very happy to have it in my arsenal of tools.

Thanks for all your help,
Jim Colgate

Potwheelz featured in 2015 National Hardware Show’s Special Report

PotWheelz featured at the 2015 National Hardware ShowThe 2015 National Hardware Show’s Special Report, “70 Things You May Have Missed at the 2015 National Hardware Show” featured the Potwheelz Plant Dolly in the Convenience category, which highlights “products to make life easier, whether through technology or simply ease of use.  There were a number of products intended to make tasks and transport easier, including:
Potwheelz Plant Dollies, now in three different sizes, for those looking to move a larger load.

See our 2015 National Hardware Show listing here: http://www.nationalhardwareshow.com/en/Exhibitors/509712/POTWHEELZ-PLANT-DOLLIES

Indoor Plant Business: Potwheelz best for moving large plants

We have used a lot of different equipment to move plants over the last 29 years we have been In business, from low flatbed carts to large cumbersome tree dollies. The Potwheelz that you offer Is by far the best alternative on the market for moving large plants and containers into an interior setting. One person can move large plants all by themselves even opening doors and maneuvering around furniture. The ease of use is amazing!!! Thank You!

Brian T. O’Sullivan
Indoor Plant People Inc.

Best garden tool we have purchased in years!

Finally I can move my plants with ease because of Potwheelz®! Even with a new hip & a bad back, I can move my plants around on my large patios without strain. When winter arrives it will be a snap to bring everything in out of the cold with Potwheelz! Potwheelz has been a back-saver for my husband! It’s the best garden tool we have purchased in years!

Dawn Bratcher