Potwheelz® Garden Dolly Lawn & Garden Tool

The Potwheelz garden dolly: move potted plants easier, faster and safer.

Potwheelz Garden Dolly is Featured on As Seen on TV Pro!Move large flower pots – save your back, your expensive pots & your precious plants.

A truly labor-saving lawn and garden tool – Potwheelz garden dolly!

As Seen On TV.

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Standard Potwheelz® Garden Dolly potted plant mover

Standard Potwheelz®

  • Move all kinds of pots and other large, unwieldy items.
  • Easily load large heavy pots and plants – no heavy lifting!
  • Perfect balance while moving or pausing.
  • Reduce the risk of injury.
  • Reduce the risk of damage to pots and plants.
  • Move large potted plants by yourself – no more waiting for a helper!
  • Easily maneuver potted plants around corners, over thresholds & in tight spaces.
  • Place potted plants in just the right location.
  • Simple to use – no complicated moving parts.
  • Fast & easy to assemble; easy to transport.
  • Built to last.
  • A garden tool investment that will save time, injury, damage and money for years to come.
Potwheelz home garden plant mover

Small Potwheelz – perfect for the home garden