Potwheelz® Garden Hand Truck Features

Industrial Potwheelz plant dolly - a plant dolly that would accommodate plant pots of various sizes.


Every gardener knows all too well that potted plants need to be moved from time to time. Sometimes weather conditions dictate that your plants have to come inside to survive a killer cold front. Major changes in the weather can and do occur frequently, and that makes moving your potted plants off a deck or patio and into a garage or greenhouse a major priority. Doing it without hurting yourself as a result of heavy lifting is also really important, and even if you don’t get hurt, no one wants to feel the muscle aches and pains the next day after moving all those potted plants! Not to mention you don’t want to break or damage expensive, sometimes impossible-to-replace pots or plants and get yourself and the house dirty moving them by hand.

Potwheelz Garden Hand Truck Benefits

Now you can forget about the stress, the strain and the mess of moving your potted plants – and you don’t have to wait on family, friends or neighbors for help either!

Potwheelz is a revolutionary patented garden hand truck that makes moving potted plants easier than you ever imagined. Potwheelz eliminates the heavy lifting and struggle, [difficulty, strain, stress] associated with moving potted plants around the house, yard and patio. Potwheelz allows you to safely move your potted plants from one location to another with ease, reducing your risk of injury and damage to expensive pots and plants!

Potwheelz Garden Hand Truck Features

Read about the Potwheelz garden hand truck features - easily store the medium Potwheelz under a garden bench.


  • Wide, oval base allows you to move a variety of types and sizes of pots and other large, unwieldy items.
  • Flat base allows easy loading of large heavy pots and plants without heavy lifting.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design holds the potted plant in perfect balance while moving or pausing. Reduce the risk of injury and damage to expensive pots and precious plants. Now you can easily load, move and unload large potted plants all by yourself – no more waiting for a helper to move plants in and out!
  • Innovative wheel design allows for easy maneuvering of potted plants around corners, over thresholds and paving stones, over thick grass, and in tight corners. Place that plant just where you want it.
  • No complicated moving parts to adjust or to loose. Loading and unloading is simple and fast – reducing time, effort and risk of injury.
  • NEW! Now on both the Standard and Industrial models, the two-part removable handle makes the Potwheelz garden dolly fast and easy to assemble before you use it the first time. It’s easy to transport, too – just remove the handle and reattach at your destination.
  • Powder coated finish protects against corrosion and rust. Your Potwheelz garden dolly will stay good-looking for a long time.
  • Sturdy solid welded metal construction is built to last. It’s an investment in your garden and landscape, saving you time, injury, damage and money for years to come.
  • NEW! Both the Standard and Industrial models have run-flat tires for even easier and worry-free use over time.

Potwheelz garden hand truck – your home and garden tool for all seasons!


Who needs the Potwheelz Garden Hand Truck?

  • Do you dread having to move your potted plants inside or to a new location?
  • Are you tired of hurting the next day after dragging, pushing, lugging and lifting those heavy potted plants?
  • Do you ever wish you had help when it came time to move your potted plants?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then order Potwheelz today!

How to Use the Potwheelz Garden Hand Truck

Potwheelz is easy to operate and allows you to move large or small potted plants without exerting a lot of physical effort.Potwheelz is easy to operate and allows you to move large or small potted plants without exerting a lot of physical effort.

  1. Move the front lip of the Potwheelz garden hand truck up to the bottom of the pot you want to move. On the Home & Garden Model, flip the front of the base down next to your pot.
  2. Slide the potted plan onto the base of the Potwheelz . The large painted base makes moving all sizes of pots a breeze.
  3. Tilt Potwheelz backward until the plant and pot are perfectly balanced. The Potwheelz unique design allows the tilted pot to rest in the cradle in a balanced position, even while moving, and the small caster(s) make it impossible for the garden hand truck to overbalance.
  4. Push the Potwheelz to the new location. You don’t need to overexert yourself or use your weight to tilt or move the Potwheelz. The large run-flat airless tires make the Potwheelz easy to maneuver over thick grass, door sills, paving stones and around tight corners. The large handle makes the Potwheelz easy to grip even if you have arthritis or little hand strength.
  5. Stop in the plant’s new location and tilt the Potwheelz upright. Slide the pot off the base of the Potwheelz garden hand truck.

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Potwheelz Garden Hand Truck Unique Patented Design

  • For easy loading, transporting and unloading pots and plants
  • Reduces the risk of injury to the user with ergonomic design
  • Convenient removable handle
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Manufactured by PotWheelz
  • Made in Taiwan
  • United States Patent US 7,651,104 B11

Commercial / Industrial Potwheelz – NOW with removable handle

  • 660 lbs load capacity
  • Moves pots up to 26 inches in diameter
  • Convenient removable handle
  • Dimensions 30.3” D x 33”W x 63.5” H
  • Net Weight 86 lbs.
  • Run-flat airless tires
  • Two 5” swivel casters

To order and for availability, please visit the Order Potwheelz page. Call (844) 393-6559 or email info@potwheelz.com now!

Standard Potwheelz – with removable handle

  • 400 lbs load capacity
  • Moves pots up to 21 inches in diameter
  • Convenient removable handle
  • Dimensions 25.5”D x 28.5”W x 55.5”H
  • Net Weight 58 lbs.
  • Run-flat airless tires
  • Fixed (non-swiveling) caster

To order and for availability, please visit the Order Potwheelz page. Call (844) 393-6559 or email info@potwheelz.com now!

How to assemble the Standard Potwheelz – with removable handle.

View the video on how to assemble the Standard Potwheelz hand truck – with removable handle.

The third wheel in the video on the green unit is fixed, not a swivel caster.