Potwheelz® landscape hand truck – Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs Potwheelz?

  • Lawn and garden professionals
  • Nursery operators
  • Commercial landscapers
  • Property managers
  • Home & recreational Gardeners
  • YOU!
Potwheelz landscape hand truck frequently asked questions - standard green model for home gardeners.


Potwheelz home garden plant mover


How do you use Potwheelz landscape hand truck?

how to use Potwheelz planted pot moverPotwheelz is easy to operate and allows you to move large or small potted plants without exerting a lot of physical effort.

  1. Move the front lip of the Potwheelz garden hand truck up to the bottom of the pot you want to move.
  2. Slide the potted plan onto the base of the Potwheelz . The large oval base makes moving all sizes of pots a breeze.
  3. Tilt Potwheelz backward until the plant and pot are perfectly balanced. The Potwheelz unique design allows the tilted pot to rest in the cradle in a balanced position, even while moving, and the small caster(s) make it impossible for the garden hand truck to overbalance.
  4. Push the Potwheelz to the new location. You don’t need to overexert yourself or use your weight to tilt or move the Potwheelz. The large flat-free airless tires make the Potwheelz easy to maneuver over thick grass, door sills, paving stones and around tight corners. The large handle makes the Potwheelz easy to grip even if you have arthritis or little hand strength.
  5. Stop in the plant’s new location and tilt the Potwheelz upright. Slide the pot off the base of the Potwheelz garden hand truck.

How should I care for my Potwheelz?

Tire Maintenance

  • Inspect nuts and bolts; tighten as necessary.

Other Maintenance

  •  Wipe Potwheelz with damp cloth to remove dirt regularly and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Oil moving parts.

What are Shipping Costs for Potwheelz?

Please visit our Potwheelz Order page for shipping costs for Industrial Potwheelz, Standard Potwheelz, and Small Potwheelz. For questions or to pre-order, call (630) 377-9033. For Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and International shipping quotes, please call (844)-EZDOLLY OR (844) 393-6559 to obtain an accurate shipping quote tailored to your location and situation.

Does Potwheelz come with a warranty?

Yes, Potwheelz comes with a 1 year limited warranty. This garden art is covered under Potwheelz’s one (1) year limited warranty. To the original purchaser of this garden cart, Potwheelz warrants that this garden cart is and will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for up to one year from the date of purchase under normal use and care. Proof of purchase (a dated register receipt) will be required for warranty claims.

What is your return policy?

Potwheelz can be returned, but the customer pays return shipping.

What if my Potwheelz arrives with shipping damage?

If a Potwheelz is damaged by the freight carrier during shipment or delivery to the customer, we offer a full refund of the product and shipping. Any visible damage upon delivery must be notated on the delivery receipt by the driver and the customer, and the customer should refuse delivery of damaged goods. Damage that is not obvious on delivery will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

How to assemble the Standard Green Garden Model – with fold-down handle.

View the video on how to assemble the standard green garden model Potwheelz hand truck – with fold-down handle.

Potwheelz landscape hand truck quick and easy assembly for home gardeners allows easy storage.Potwheelz landscape hand dolly is quick and easy to assemble for home gardeners allows for easy storage.Potwheelz landscape hand truck boasts quick and easy assembly, and is perfect for home gardeners and is easy to store.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes, we offer bulk discounts! Other wheel options and specialty colors are also available with bulk orders.
Call (630) 377-9033, (844)-EZDOLLY OR (844) 393-6559 or email orders@rwrogerscompany.com now and talk to us about your needs.