About Potwheelz® plant dolly

We are Verne and Christina Hilt, and we created the Potwheelz plant dolly out of necessity.

Container gardening plus weather means moving potted plants

Potwheelz home garden plant mover

We live in a condo where we enjoy container gardening, with many large specimen plants in big decorative pots.  Our location in Gulf Breeze, Florida, doesn’t maintain the consistent warm tropical weather as the rest of the state.  We experience varying weather conditions – from extreme heat to freezing cold and even several hurricanes a year!  When threatening weather is in the forecast, our precious plants and their pots need to be moved safely and quickly.

The need for a good plant dolly

In the past, when Verne would hurt his back and be unable to move the pots, the plants would die – and oh, the chiropractor bills!  We were tired of the stress of having to move many large pots.   We said, “There has to be an easier way!”

We looked in local hardware stores and online, and over time, we bought and used several different types of dollies.  We quickly realized none of them worked for moving large pots – most moving dollies have a narrow edge, and at just the wrong time, in a tricky location or making a turn, the pot would fall forward and break, the plant damaged, and we would have a mess to clean up.  We would then have to purchase a new pot, repot the plant, clean up the mess and hope the poor plant survived.

The birth of Potwheelz plant dolly

Verne started tinkering in the garage with a design for a plant dolly that would accommodate plant pots of various sizes.  We experimented with early versions of the Potwheelz plant dolly, and after a few redesigns, we had a plant dolly that worked perfectly.  The Potwheelz plant dolly was born.

Since then, we’ve used Potwheelz plant dolly for our own plants and asked friends and family to try it for their container gardens and patio potted plants.  They loved the Potwheelz plant dolly as much as we do! And we keep coming up with new uses for the Potwheelz plant dolly…

Standard Green and Industrial Blue Potwheelz!

Potwheelz plant dolly now available in standard size for home gardener and for easy storage and transport of their plant dolly.

Easy Transport with the
STANDARD Potwheelz®

The Small Red Potwheelz is ideal for the home gardener. The Standard Green and the larger Industrial Blue Potwheelz are perfect for landscapers and garden centers for moving larger plants or other objects. All have a convenient removable handle for easier storage and transport – and rugged flat-free tires.

Find out more on the Potwheelz plant dolly Features page or the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Buy our Potwheelz plant dolly and see for yourself how an investment in the proper tool for the job can result in savings of time, healthy backs, and saved pots and plants!

Verne and Christina Hilt, Inventors of the Potwheelz plant dolly